The PMGA is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of providing, planning and overseeing golf and social activities for male members of the Plateau Club.  Our mission is to help create a positive and friendly environment at the club, to promote fellowship, and to encourage an active golf and social agenda for the membership.  We focus on the following core pillars
  1. Experience – Ensure the end to end membership experience is optimized for PMGA members of all skill, competitive, and participation levels
  2. Engagement – Build consistent connections to our events and brand
  3. Value – Provide relationship and intrinsic value for all PMGA members
  4. Brand & Growth – Grow membership to promote inclusive environment and increase diversity
The result has been an consistently increasing membership base that is at approximately 180 members of all skills levels and competitive spirits.  Membership allows an immediate group of golfers to play with as often as each member desires.

President: Joe Kirby